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16 Stage Alkaline RO works up to 4000 TDS

16 Stage Alkaline RO works up to 4000 TDS

Selling Price: Rs. 17990/-

MRP: Rs. 21990/-

Review of the Product


Leaupure 16 Stage RO with Alkaline Water purifier is suitable for all kinds of water conditions, like Muncipal, tanker and borwell water, This is having unique eatuer of 4in1 filter before RO membrane ensures 50% hardness reduction,100% Chlorine removal before water enters the RO membrane, With Bigger Alkaline filter you can take up to 15000 ltr of alkaline water, also 2 ph adjsuter will help you to drink ro or alkaline water, Heavy UV chamber which is placed horizontal will help to remove virus.

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