What is Nano NF Water Purifier, Advantages and Disadvantages of NF Nano Water purifiers
NF is the abbreviation for Nano-Filtration and is a membrane water purification process similar to RO membrane water purification. Nanofiltration membranes have slightly bigger pore size than RO which has led to Nanofiltration sometimes being called a “loose RO” membrane process.
NF water purifiers will remove salts of larger valency 2 or divalent elements, but will let monovalent salt molecules like Sodium Chloride to pass through. It should be noted that even though NF will let through monovalent Sodium Chloride, it will not allow the passage of a divalent salt of Sodium like Sodium Sulphate. All salts of heavier atoms like those of the toxic heavy metals are blocked by NF water purifiers. One of the main uses of NF membranes in industrial applications is to soften water or remove water hardness.

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