1 Inch MAGCLEAN – Magnetic Water Conditioner


As water molecules pass through the powerful, highly focused magnetic field, two things happen: molecules are polarized (organized) and the water takes on a net positive (+) charge. This physically changes the water’s molecular structure. A soft calcite rhomboidal crystalline structure which may be washed out, flushed out, of the water stream is formed instead of a naturally occurring hard crystals.



  • Avoid Scaling in Water Lines and Applications
  • Lower Electricity Bill
  • Prevents Diseases Such as Chronic Prostatitis, Hemorrhoid, Blood-Pressure, Kidneys Stones etc.
  • Give you Natural silky Feeling and better skin and hair texture.
  • Reduced seed germination time, Increase agriculture productivity, enrich taste.
  • Increase in milk production.
  • Increase weight of cattle and poultry.
  • Increase Plasticity and strength of Cements.
  • No White scales on bricks or plaster surfaces.
  • Increase efficiency of Boilers and cooling tower by reducing scale formation.
  • Preserve essential elements & minerals in water to give fuller taste in Beverages and the food.
  • Improves solubility.
  • Enhances the efficiency of pool, spa and water bodies filtration systems.