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10 Stage Alkaline RO Apple

10 Stage Alkaline RO Apple

Selling Price: Rs. 12990/-

MRP: Rs. 16990/-

Review of the Product


Special Features of the Product:

  • Auto-flush for regular membrane cleaning.
  • Double Safety Plate for safe Water.
  • Bio AAA Alkaline Filter for better PH.
  • PH Modulator to set PH between 5* to 8.5*

10 Stage Purification how it works?

  • 1 st Stage: Pre-filter for cleaning mud up to 5 micron.
  • 2nd Stage: Anti scalant for stopping scaling formation.
  • 3rd Stage: Sediment Filter for cleaning turbidity up to 5 micron.

4th Stage: Pre-carbon for bad smell and bad odour removal.

  • 5th Stage: RO Filter with HIGH TDS Membrane for any water up to 3000 TDS.
  • 6th Stage: Alkaline Filter with 5 in1 Ceramic balls.

                            7thStage: Alkaline Ceramic balls for added Minerals like Ca,Na,K& Mg.

                         8th Stage: Anti-oxidant Alkaline Ceramic balls.

                        9th Stage: Negative ORP(Oxidation Reduction Potential) ceramic balls .

                          10thstage : Post Nano Silver Carbon for better Water taste.

Why Alkaline Filter?

99% RO Water purifier gives you acidic water due to demineralisation in RO Process.

Alkaline Filter will add Essential mineral to the water.

Drinking Better PH value water will help you get rid of most of the Deceases like Cancer, Diabetics, Gastric, Skin Deceases, Makes you look younger!

Alkaline Water means Decease free life.

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