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14 Stage Alkaline RO AQUAX

14 Stage Alkaline RO AQUAX

Selling Price: Rs. 15990/-

MRP: Rs. 19990/-

Review of the Product


India’s first 14 Stage AQUAX model purifier with Rich Hydrogen and Alkaline.

Special Features of the Product:

Heavy Quality Aluminium UV Chamber for better water quality.
Auto-flush for regular membrane cleaning.
Double Safety Plate for safe Water.
Bio AAA Alkaline Filter for better PH.
PH Modulator to set PH between 5* to 8.5*
14 Stage Purification how it works?

1 st Stage: Pre-filter for cleaning mud up to 5 micron.
2nd Stage: Anti scalant for stopping scaling formation.
3rd Stage: Magnetic Softener for reduce hardness.
4th Stage: Sediment Filter for Cleaning turbidity up to 5 micron.
5th Stage: Pre-carbon for bad smell and bad odour removal.

6th Stage: RO Filter with HIGH TDS Membrane for any water up to 2000 TDS.
7th Stage:UV Treatment in SS Chamber for better water quality.
8 th Stage: Alkaline Filter with 5 in1 Ceramic balls.
A) Alkaline Ceramic balls for added Minerals like Ca,Na,K& Mg.
B) Anti-oxidant Alkaline Ceramic balls.
C) Negative ORP(Oxidation Reduction Potential) ceramic balls .
D) Post Nano Silver Carbon for better Water taste.
E) Tourmaline balls
14thStage:TDS Adjuster with UF for Manual TDS adjustment Optional.

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