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250 LPH L’eaupure Mineral Water Plant with Alkaline

250 LPH L’eaupure Mineral Water Plant with Alkaline

Selling Price: Rs. 145000/-

MRP: Rs. 185000/-

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Leau Pure Water brings exclusive models which works on highly advanced Alkaline RO technology for industries and commercial usage. With high flow rate, online purification, membranes which prevent scaling and customizable design it gives 100 % pure and healthy water without any compromise on quality of water at a very economical running cost.Now never compromise on drinking water for your customers, workers, guests or yourself.
(2)Raw water pump-nose(1)make by-CRI,Kirloskar
(3)Pressure vessale-nose(1)make by-Pentair
(4)Multiport valve-nose(1)make by-initiative,UKL
(5)Pressure Guage-nose(3)make by-oceanstar,viga,guru
(6)Automatic Panel-nose(1)make by-Aster
(7)Flow Meter-nose(2)make by-fluid,aster
(8)High Pressure pump-nose(1)make by-CRI,SUMO
(9)Membrane housing 4040-nose(1)make by-ROH,MATRIX
(10)Membrane 4040-nose(1)make by-CSM,VONTRON
(11)LPS Switch-nose(1)make by-indfos
(12)Filter housing set-nose(2)make by-gopani
(13)Fitting Upvc-make by-astral

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