3000 LPH Carbon Filter for Chlorine or other bad smell

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Your incoming water may contain disagreeable odour and taste, objectionable chlorine level & many chemical gases which makes it unfit for daily usage.

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With Leaupure Carbon Filter, one can spread fragrance naturally in their daily life as it improve the quality of water by:

  • Removing Bad Odour and Taste
  • Removing Dissolved Organic and Chlorine
  • Neutralizing various Micro Organisms
  • Long Life (High Capacity)

Physical absorption is the primary means by which our Activated carbon works to remove contaminants from water. Corbon’s highly porous nature provides a large surface area for contaminants (absorbates) to collect. In simple terms, physical absorption occues because all molecules exert attractive forces, especially molecules at the surfaces of a solid (pore walls of carbon), and these surface molecules seek other molecules to adhere to.

Specifications / Model PC3000
Vessel Dimension (D x H) inch 13 x 54
Vessel Material / Protection FRP / Sun Protector Cap / UV Protection
Flow Rate – LPH 3000
Burst Pressure & Max Operating Pressure 45 and 10 Bar
Temperature Resistant Max / Min (In Degree) 90 / -15
Vessel Warranty* 10 Years
Media Brand Activated Carbon
Carbon Media(kg) (fine, Core & Pebbles) 50
Coarse Silex (kg) 100
Activation of Media Only Backwash
Type of Valve (MPV) / Size Top / 25NB