3000 LPH Leaupure Manual Water Softner

 34,990.00  25,990.00

L’eaupure water sofnter comes with 100 Ltr Media and will give 8000 to 10000 Ltr of Soft water depending on water hardness!


Technical specification Example
Vassal MOC

Vessel Height(In mm)
Vessel Width
Vessel Depth
: 500
Resin : Ion Exchange 220na
Resin Qty
: 100Lts
Working pressure max (m3/h)
: 3.5
Working pressure min (m3/h)
: 1.8
Output regeneration (m3) 8000 to 10000 Ltr Soft water*
Salt required/reg : 15 kg
The raw water is fed into this system to eliminate the hardness. This system will
give maximum output of 3000 liters per hour. The content of the hardness in the
treated water will be less than 50ppm
Reduces hardness to WHO prescribed levels by passing water through a resin media.
Low maintenance cost and power consumption.
Increases life and efficiency of expensive appliances, and prevents damage
caused to human hair and skin.
It saves cost on energy and up to 50% on washing powder soap and shampoos etc.
Reduces soap scum and helps in effective lathering of soaps shampoos and
Has less clogging property hence washed clothes look softer cleaner and brighter ·
Does not require electricity

Technical specification

L’EAUPURE Softener considering hardness level of 300ppm
with a resin quantity of 100 liters and the output between regeneration is 82m3.
The L’eaupure Softener is a manually operated, and this ion exchange unit
designed specially for domestic use. It is simple to operate, inexpensive to
maintain and is widely used in the domestic sector. The softener comprises a MS
pressure vessel containing a bed of Ion exchange resin, a regenerating system and
control valves. A strongly acidic Ion exchange resin in sodium form is used to
exchange sodium ions for the hardness forming calcium and magnesium ions. The
valves manually operator