Leaupure 50 LPH with Alkaline

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Leau Pure Water brings exclusive models which works on highly advanced Alkaline RO technology for industries and commercial usage. With high flow rate, online purification, membranes which prevent scaling and customizable design it gives 100 % pure and healthy water without any compromise on quality of water at a very economical running cost.Now never compromise on drinking water for your customers, workers, guests or yourself

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Leaupure 50 LPH with Alkaline for Maximum 30 People and output per day 200 to 300 Ltr per day.

Sr.NO. Description Specification
1 MS body compact- Heavy duty
2 Pre Filter 20” x 2.5”. 5 Micron PP Filter USA.
3 Pre GAC Filter 20” x 2.5”. Granule Activated Carbon Filter.
4 Carbon Filter 20” x 2.5” Activated Carbon Block Filter.
5 Booster Pump Echen-250 gpd For 300 PSI pressure 2 nos.
6 Membrane RO TFC 80 GPD ( 4 Nos )
7 Post Carbon Filter in line 1 Nos.
8 Flow 50 LPH.
9 Water Rejection 50 % ( Approx.)
10 Auto flushing Solenoid Valve ,yes
11 Automatic On Off System Floating Switch.
12 Fitting Smart SF Fitting.
13 Indicators NO
14 TDS Rejection 90 to 95 %
15 Biocera alkaline up to 11 PH value

Technical Specification

Type Wall Mounted
Dimensions (in mm) L400 W250 H520 (mm)
Inlet Water Pressure Minimum 5 psi, Maximum 35 psi
Inlet Water Temperature 2 degree C to 49 degree C
Stages Sediment Filter 10 micron, Pre-carbon, Sediment Filter 5 micron, RO, Magnetic softener, UV, UF, Alkaline, Post carbon
Auto-flushing system Yes
Weight 10.05 kgs
Tank Volume 8 ltr
Membrane Type TLC (Thin Layer Composite)
Booster Pump Voltage 24 VDC
Mains Voltage 160-270VAC