Field One: Bluebird Pure with a vision to be a technologically advanced brand, it has launched a revolutionary patented bathing product called eco laundry wash which washes cloth without any detergent. Ozone is a nature’s detergent and Bluebird Pure uses ozone technology to wash the cloth without any detergent to change the style of washing clothes. This technology uses electricity and oxygen to infuse ozone into the water to wash the clothes



Operating Pressure: Cold Water Only
Min. Inlet Water Pressure: 40psi~100psi
Ozone Level : 0.5~1.0 mg/L
Product Dimension: 478mmX240mmX80mm
Input Voltage : AC 100-240V/50-60HZ
Output Voltage: DC 12V 3A
Net Weight: 3kg


High decontamination, kill 99.6% of germs.

Need no detergents

Remove odor and soften fabric

 Keeps color vibrant and bright without chemical brighteners

No pollution and save energy

Modern and easy installation

 Add magnetizer as pre-filter to soften water