Harmony Water Conditioner


Without using electricity, the Bluemount water conditioner works efficiently and changes the molecular structure of the water to eliminate the risk of limescale.
The magnetic solution provides better flow of water through your pipelines.
Recommended by experts worldwide, Bluemounts water conditioning technology helps you live a peaceful life free from high maintenance and energy bills.


Trusted by many families for years, Bluemount Appliances deliver solutions that last for years. The water conditioner developed by Bluemount is a result of research done by our expert engineers and product developers to provide the best possible value for money product to families and industries.

Endorsed by the Department of Energy, United States, magnetic water conditioner comes as an easy to install pipe like structure that can be fitted to a point from where the water comes at your place. You can place it just close to your water tank or wherever you want.

When the water flows from magnetic field, its molecules get modified in a way so that it can flow smoothly in the pipeline without forming scale. Made of high quality material, the magnetic conditioner doesnt require any use of chemicals. All the process works on the basis of electro-magnetic field created by the Bluemount water conditioner.

Recommended by many organizations throughout the world, the technology is being trusted by many countries in including Russia, Israel, Germany, England, Australia and several others.

With zero maintenance cost, the Bluemount water conditioner is completely eco-friendly. At Bluemount, we believe in delivering solutions that do not harm for nature. From industries to homes, the Bluemount water conditioner is trusted by people throughout the nation.

Harmony Water Conditioner

Product Name Harmony Water Conditioner
Flow Rate/ Capacity (Max.) Upto 3000 LPH
Product Code BM99
Vessal Diameter 76.50 mm (3 Inch)
Vessal Height 385 mm (15.1 Inch)
Weight 3.5 kg (Approx)
Technology Type Green Water Technology
Material Of Construction SS – 304
Pipe Line Size (In/Out) 3/4″ Inch
Max. Operating Feed Water TDS 2000 PPM
Max. Cylinder Operating Pressure 10 Bar
Mode Of Operation Manual
Min. Inlet Pressure/ Temp 1.8 kg / cm2, 10C
Max. Inlet Pressure/ Temp 3.5 kg / cm2, 35C