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Leaupure 12 stage GP model water purifier

Leaupure 12 stage GP model water purifier

Selling Price: Rs. 16990/-

MRP: Rs. 16990/-

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L’eaupure 12 Stage with GP model
New Leaupure 12 GPwith ph adjuster.
Enhance Ph level up to 10.5*
Antioxidant Alkaline water .
Added Minerals like Ca,K,Mg and Na.
Rich Hydrogen water.
Negative ORP water.
Imported SS UV chamber with pure Quartz glass.
Stainless steel 304 grade quality.
Adjust PH and TDS with manual adjustment.
Ph adjustment between 5.5* to 10.5*( Depends on input water quality)
Works up to 2000 TDS

Product Description:
1st Stage : Prefilter with 10 Micron imported Filter
2nd Stage: Antiscalant Balls to stop scaling formation on membrane for better membrane life.
3rd Stage:Sediment Filter for cleaning Sand, Mud and Turbidity up to 5 micron.
4th Stage:(1100IV Carbon) 100% Chlorine remover will protect Membrane from Chlorine.
5th Stage: (1100IV carbon) Removes bad smell and odor from water with Silver carbon
6th Stage: RO Membrane to reduce Water TDS 90 to 95% from water.
7th Stage: Stainless steel UV chamber with 6 Watt Imported UV lamp in 100% Pure Quartz Glass for best quality water.
Silver Nano water ionization to remove or destabilize Virus and Bacteria from the water, Also Stops Fungal, E-Coli growth in the storage tank.
8th Stage: Added Minerals like Ca,Na,Mg & K
9th Stage: Negative ORP Mineral balls
10 th Stage: Rich Hydrogen Mineral balls .
11 th Stage: Anti Oxidant Mineral Balls.
12th Stage: Post Silver Nano carbon in built in Leaupure AAA Alkaline Filter with 8000 Ltr Water life.

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