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Leaupure 16 Stage Swift SS Storage tank with SS UV chamber

Leaupure 16 Stage Swift SS Storage tank with SS UV chamber

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Review of the Product


  • New Leaupure 16 LED with ph adjuster.
  • Enhance Ph level up to 10.5*
  • Antioxidant Alkaline water .
  • Added Minerals like Ca,K,Mg and Na.
  • Rich Hydrogen water.
  • Negative ORP water.
  • Imported SS UV chamber with pure Quartz glass.
  • Stainless steel 304 grade quality.
  • Adjust PH and TDS with manual adjustment.
  • Ph adjustment between 5.5* to 10.5*( Depends on input water quality)
  • Works up to 3500 TDS

Product Description:

1st Stage : Prefilter with 10 Micron imported Filter
2nd Stage: Antiscalant Balls to stop scaling formation on membrane for better membrane life.
3rd Stage:Sediment Filter for cleaning Sand, Mud and Turbidity up to 5 micron.
4th Stage:(4 in1 Filter) Hardness remover with 50% hardness reduction from raw water for better RO Membrane life.
5th Stage:(4 in 1 Filter) 100% Chlorine remover will protect Membrane from Chlorine.
6th Stage: (4 in 1 Filter) Removes bad smell and odor from water with Silver carbon
7th Stage: Anti scaling filter in 4 in1 filter helps protecting RO Membrane.
8th Stage: Magnetic Softener to remove Iron from the water and works on the principal of Lous Posture to remove hardness.
9th Stage: RO Membrane to reduce Water TDS 90 to 95% from water.
10th Stage: Stainless steel UV chamber with 6 Watt Imported UV lamp in 100% Pure Quartz Glass for best quality water.
Silver Nano water ionization to remove or destabilize Virus and Bacteria from the water, Also Stops Fungal, E-Coli growth in the storage tank.
11th Stage: Added Minerals like Ca,Na,Mg & K
12 th Stage: Negative ORP Mineral balls
13 th Stage: Rich Hydrogen Mineral balls .
14 th Stage: Anti Oxidant Mineral Balls.
15 th Stage: UF with TDS Modulator for TDS adjustment.
16th Stage: Post Silver Nano carbon in built in Biocera Alkaline Filter with 8000 Ltr Water life.

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