Leaupure 6 STAGE Water purifier NF and SS UV

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1. Ideal for places where municipal water is frequently mixed with ground water..
2. First machine in India having Spiral Wounded UF Membrane & Low TDS RO Membrane together.
3. Candle & Carbon installed outside the machine for easy maintenance.
4. Equipped with Online Double Sensor Digital TDS Meter, which helps avoid mixing of municipal water and tanker/bore well water.
5. No unnecessary wastage of water and minerals and does not affect the life of filter.

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L’eaupure NF with UV and NF with Post Carbon options:

Anything in excess is dangerous for one’s health, so are excess dissolved salts in your drinking water. L’eaupure brings to you multistage water purification systems for removal ofexcess dissolved salts from drinking water depending upon the feed water TDS levels.

L’eaupure NF is yet another pioneering concept from the Pioneers of Membrane Technology in India to prevent indiscriminate use of RO systems on low TDS water such as municipal supply that produces almost distilled water which is dangerous to your health.

“L’eaupure NF” – The First Chlorine Resistant Nanofiltration Membrane based water purifier to remove the right amount of TDS from water to give you healthy and nourishing drinking water; ideal for waters having TDS below 600 ppm; also removes pesticides, heavy metals and other harmful organic compounds from water.

Make a decision today to buy the revolutionary L’eaupure NF water purifier and ensure that your family drinks healthy and nourishing water. Your family’s health – first and foremost!

What if my water is hard and salty bore-well water with high level of TDS content? Don’t worry, bring home L’eaupure RO to make it sweet and potable for drinking purpose.

RO systems find most effective use only if it is installed on waters having high TDS levels (TDS between 600 ppm to 2000 ppm).

Additional information

Dimensions 42 × 31 × 23 in

Technical Specifications

L’eaupure NF

L’eaupure RO

Flow Rate

8 to 10LPH

Storage Capacity

Inbuilt tank of capacity 7 ltrs


42 cm x 31 cm x 23 cm (L x W x D)

TDS Rejection



Inlet Water Pressure

Min. 10 ft. hydrostatic head

Min. 10 ft. hydrostatic head

Electricity Consumption



Leaupure NF with Stainless steel UV Purification.

1. DIMENSIONS: 40H X 30W X 26D (CM).)

2. WEIGHT: 9KG. (Approx).


4.UV Sterilizer: Stainless steel with Quartz glass.




1. Flow rate

10-12 LPH

2. Max. feed water TDS

600 PPM

3. TDS Reduction

60 to 70%

4. Recovery (min.)


5. Membrane size

1812 – 75 GPD

6. Membrane Make


7. Booster pump

Leaupure with 2 Year Warranty

8. Power Consumption

35 Watt


Why SS UV?

1. High Flow rate.
2. Less Maintenance.
3. Does not change chemical property of water.
4. Ideal for school, colleges, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, companies, etc..

In UV technology a high dose of ultra violet light energy at a wave length of 254 nanometers destroys pathogenic microbes by affecting the DNA in the cell and multiplication of micro-organisms get stopped & they can’t reproduce. Because of this within 20 to 25 minutes time when lifespan of micro-organisms completes they die completely. UV energy adds nothing to the water or does it generate any by products. Water chemistry does not change.

Horizontal Design
UV chamber needs to be in horizontal position rather than a vertical position. In vertical position the movement of water is straight. But in horizontal position the water passes with churning motion. It ensures that all germs getting touch with UV rays.

Quartz Glass
The UV tube light cannot immerge directly into the water. So to protect it from the water there is the provision of Quartz Glass. But over the period of time there is a scaling & soil deposit form on the Quartz Glass. And this causes obstruction for the UV rays, which turn diminishes the result of UV System. For this UV ‘C M Purifiers’ do periodic cleaning of Quartz Glass.

UV lamp
The intensity of any Tube Light available in the market today would not maintain the same intensity that it had at initial stage. When intensity of UV lamp decreases from 254 Nanometers wave length it cannot destroy the DNA structure of micro-organisms.