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L’eaupure 8 Stage VIVO RO Water purifier

L’eaupure 8 Stage VIVO RO Water purifier

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L’eaupure RO water purifier for more than 500 TDS and less than 1500 TDS with Less Turbidity in the water, You can go for this product which is most economical and made from good quality NSF certified spare parts.

Product Description:
1) Prefilter: To Protect from Sand, Mud and Turbidity less than 10 micron.
2) Anti scalant: To stop scaling formation on the membrane.
3) Sediment Filter: To remove mud, Turbidity and sand from the water up to 5 micron.
4) Precarbon Filter: To remove bad smell and bad odor from the water, Leaupure use 1100IV carbon to ensure best quality water.
5) RO Membrane: Membrane cleans water up to 0.0001 Micron
6) UV Sterilisation: Alluminium UV chamber for UV treatement
7) Alkaline Filter: To add essential minerals in the water for ph balancing.
8) Post Silver carbon: To enhance the taste of the water and stop fungal growth.
9) INPUT WATER Quality: 1000 TDS
10) Out put water quality: Less than 100 TDS
11) TDS Reduction:90 to 95%
12) Water Rejection:1:2 Ratio

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