Leaupure 9 stage Digital

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Leauprue 9 Stage Digital RO water purifier comes with below features.
1) Filter Change Alaram
2) Digital Display
3) UV Fail Alaram
4) Autoflush
5) RO,UV,UF,TDS adjuster
6) Digital Display for better performance.
7) Water level Indicater
8) 10 Ltr Storage tank
9) Wall mount heavy imported Body.
10) Prefilter
11) SS UV Chamber.
12) Extra Protection for storage tank with extra plate.

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Stages of Purification
1st Stage: Pre-filter for cleaning mud up to 5 micron.
2nd Stage: Anti Scalant for stopping scaling formation.
3rd stage: Sediment Filter for Cleaning turbidity up to 5 micron.
4th Stage: Pre-carbon for bad smell and bad odour removal.
5th Stage: RO Filter.
6th Stage:UV Treatment.
7th stage:UF with TDS Modulater
8th Stage: Mineral cartridge Type 2
9th Stage: Post Nano Silver Carbon for better Water taste.

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 54 in