Leaupure Bathroom Water softner

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1 year warranty
Our water softeners are of unmatched quality and so robust that we offer a warranty of 1 years on vessel. Our valued clients enjoy endless supplies of soft water for years with minimum maintenance requirement. In case of any emergency our service engineers willingly attend and help our clients with all their sincerity and professional ability.
Designed to Perform
After thorough study of water quality and living habit in India, our qualified engineers designed Water Softeners for the Indian subcontinent markets which will perform the most. Its unique tall design allows us to take maximum possible output from the product by providing maximum contact time for the resin media to soften the hard water.
Cation Resin Media
Our softener resin media is so scientifically formulated and produced that it provides highest OBR capacity. This allows us to treat even more hard water which in normal case no other manufacturers are offering. No wonder we are very much successful even in the high hard water belt in India.
Finest FRP Material
Pentair/Leos uses the finest FRP raw materials to manufacture water softener vessel enabling us to produce the most reliable pressure vessel in the world.
After Sales Service
Paanimart strives and believes in providing prompt and effective after sales service to its clients. Our well trained and experienced service team and co coordinator ensures that we have NO unsatisfied customer. LEAUPURE Water softners gained lots of HAPPY customers arround INDIA

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L’eaupure Water Softener eliminates the salts responsible for hardness from the water, namely Calcium and Magnesium. In the softener there are millions of tiny polymer beads (resin) which carry a Sodium ion charge. As the water flows over this resin, the Sodium ion thereby softening the water. Sodium is extremely soluble in water and does not precipitate on heating, thus eliminating all the problems associated with hard water. When all the Sodium ions have been extracted by the hard water, the resin is regenerated by washing it in a concentrated salt solution (brine). This allows the L’eaupure Water Softener to be used again and again. (The process of washing the resin in a concentrated solution of brine is called regeneration).
How frequently does the L’eaupure softener need to be regenerated?
This depends upon the degree of hardness of the water and the amount of water drawn from the softener. A simple qualitative way of determining the need for regeneration would be by trying to obtain lather with soap using the water drawn from the softener. If the lather forms easily, then the water is soft, if not, the resin should be regenerated. Alternative one may use the L’eaupure Hardness Test Kit to determine the hardness. If the hardness if above 50 p.p.m then the resin should be regenerated.

§ Drinking Water : For drinking water it is desirable that the total hardness does not exceed 300 parts per million (p.p.m) as per I.S.I standards. Corporation water hardness of between 50 to 200 p.p.m which accounts for its sweet taste of water gets adversely affected.
§ Hair & Skin : Hard water does not easily produce a lather with soap. Infact it leaves an insoluble sticky residue which though not highly visible, clings to the hair and skin leaving the hair feeling sticky & lifeless, and the skin feeling dry.
§ Gadgets : Hardness also leaves white salt deposits whenever water is heated, this is called scaling.
§ Geysers : These salt deposits coat the elements of geysers, leading to increased electricity consumption and reducing in the life of the element.
§ Steam Irons : The salts deposits block the vents of steam irons.
§ Solar Water Heaters :The salt deposits also choke the water pipes in Solar Water Heaters.
§ Washing Machines : Since hard water dose not easily produce a lather, the efficiency of washing machines adversely affected. Clothes lose their brightness and shine. Moreover the salt deposits will damage the heating elements in fully automatic washing machine.
§ Floors & Kitchen Utensils : When the hardness is very high it also leaves white marks on the floors after they have been mopped, and salt encrustation on kitchen utensils used for cooking.
§ Sanitary Fixtures : Hard water stains and damages sanitary fixtures.


Automatic Water Softner
Hight:23 Inch
Width:14 Inch
Depth:8 Inch
Manual Water Softener: Hight: 22 Inch
Depth: 7 Inch
Width: 14 Inch
Resin Qty: 8 Ltr
Salt required for Regeneration: 1KG
Installation Type : Floor Mount or Under sink
Application: Entire Bath Room with Plumbing requirement.
Only for Geyser, Washing Machine, Dish Washer