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L’eaupure Compaq Spiral wounded UF Water Purifier in 6 stage Purification

L’eaupure Compaq Spiral wounded UF Water Purifier in 6 stage Purification

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Why Spiral Wounded UF?
When you are getting less TDS water or Municipal water you don’t need RO water purifier, For such water normally people buy UV water purifier, in UV water purifier Virus and bacteria will not be removed it will be paralyzed if you store that water again there is a chance of getting contaminated water, In L’eaupure Spiral wounded UF membrane it will remove 100% Virus and bacteria from the water to ensure better quality water for drinking.

Product Description:
1) Prefilter: To remove Mud ,Sand and Turbidity up to 10 Micron.
2) Sediment Filter: To remove mud, Turbidity and sand from the water up to 5 micron.
3) Precarbon Filter: To remove bad smell and bad odor from the water, Leaupure use 1100IV carbon to ensure best quality water.
4) Spiral Wounded UF Membrane: It comes with manual flush, Customer need to do manual flushing every 2 days for better results.
5) UV Sterilization: Stainless Steel UV chamber with Quartz glass for double safety and protect you from Virus and Bacteria with UV treatment in Electronic Boiling method.
6) Post Silver carbon: To enhance the taste of the water and stop fungal growth.

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