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L’eaupure Manual water softener for bathroom

L’eaupure Manual water softener for bathroom

Selling Price: Rs. 11990/-

MRP: Rs. 15990/-

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Advantages of LEAUPURE Manual Bathroom Water Softeners
Ion Exchange resins with high resistance to mechanical shock, longer life, high exchange capacity and low consumption of salt.
The closely controlled resin bead size minimizes pressure loss.
User-friendly, low maintenance and easy to install.
Variety of cost effective standard models.
Improved aesthetics & rugged design.
Simpler distribution & collection systems.
Easily up-gradable for higher output.
Easy operation & maintenance.
Quick availability
Water Softener for Home/Residence:
Soft Ion Water Softener is an ideal equipment for whole household’s requirement for soft water at economy rates and is highly profitable.
Softer healthier skin and hair, brighter, cleaner, longer lasting clothes.
Use up to 75% less soap, shampoo, detergent, and other cleaning products.
Dramatically reduce your home energy consumption and save up to 48% on your water heating bills.
Enjoy spotless, scale-free dishes, tile, sinks, faucets, bathtubs, showers and appliances.

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