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Leaupure 6 Stage NF water purifier in Waternet model

Leaupure 6 Stage NF water purifier in Waternet model

Selling Price: Rs. 12990/-

MRP: Rs. 12990/-

Review of the Product


Anything in excess is dangerous for one’s health, so are excess dissolved salts in your drinking water. L’eaupure brings to you multistage water purification systems for removal of excess dissolved salts from drinking water depending upon the feed water TDS levels.
L’eaupure NF is yet another pioneering concept from the Pioneers of Membrane Technology in India to prevent indiscriminate use of RO systems on low TDS water such as municipal supply that produces almost distilled water which is dangerous to your health.

“L’eaupure NF” – The First Chlorine Resistant Nano filtration Membrane-based water purifier to remove the right amount of TDS from water to give you healthy and nourishing drinking water; ideal for waters having TDS below 600 ppm; also removes pesticides, heavy metals and other harmful organic compounds from water.

Make a decision today to buy the revolutionary L’eaupure NF water purifier and ensure that your family drinks healthy and nourishing water. Your family’s health – first and foremost!

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